Equipped to Face End Times Challenges from Within and Outside the Church

Please welcome Pastor Paul Waldek and his wife Kathy to the 2015 Labor Day Retreat! Pastor Waldek is going to be another presenter at the retreat this fall.

Pastor Paul Waldek has served at Christ Redeemer Lutheran in Trumbull, CT since 2010.   Pastor Waldek graduated from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in 1998 after having worked in business as a CPA and Controller, and having completed the Seminary Certification Program at Bethany Lutheran College in Mankato, MN.  His first call into the public ministry was to Malawi, Africa where he served congregations in the villages and supervised the Lutheran Mobile Medical Clinics in the Lilongwe area.  His wife Kathy had served as a missionary nurse in Zambia for three years in the 1980s. They were married just a few months before heading for Malawi.  Their three children were born in Malawi.  Emily graduated from Martin Luther College this past spring and was assigned to teach at Trinity Lutheran Church in Hoskins, Nebraska.  Luke is a junior at the University of Minnesota – Mankato.  Justin is a high school senior.  After six years in Malwai, Pastor Waldek served for 12 years at Our Savior Lutheran in Roanoke, VA.


The Bible teaches that the End Times in which we live will be marked by an increasing departure from God’s moral standards and from biblical truths.  Sadly, this decay will be accompanied by doctrinal and moral falsehoods taught and promoted within the “Christian” Church.  The sessions will consist of discussions intended to encourage us to stand firm in our biblical faith, and on how to respond as biblical truths and morality are challenged and even despised.   Discussion topics may include: Who is promoting sexual immorality?, Is Jesus really the only Savior?, Christians in the workforce and marketplace (For example: Should Christian bakers provide cakes for a homosexual wedding?  Should Christians boycott companies that won’t use the word “Christmas” in their advertising or aggressively promote homosexuality?), The rise of atheism, Radical Islam and “Biblical” movies/books such as Killing Jesus.  Participants in these sessions will also be introduced to various End Time theologies although not as in depth as in Prof. Braun’s presentation.