A Study of the End Times

Please welcome our first presenter for the 2015 Labor Day Retreat!

Prof. Mark Braun and his wife Sue live in St. Francis, Wisconsin. He has taught for 28 years at Wisconsin Lutheran College in Milwaukee, where he teaches courses on Religion in America and World Religions, as well as courses on the Old Testament. Prior to coming to WLC, he served congregations as a vicar or pastor in Alaska, Michigan, and Wisconsin. He completed his Ph.D. at Concordia Seminary in 2000 in historical theology, and he is the author of the People’s Bible on Deuteronomy A Tale of Two Synods on the break-up of the Missouri and Wisconsin Synods. He and his wife have four married children and four grandchildren.

During the three days of the 2015 Retreat, Mark will be taking participants through a Study of the End Times.

Rapture? Limbo? Post-Tribulation? Purgatory? Premillennial? Postmillennial? We hear all these words when we watch TV preachers or visit a megachurch. But what will happen at the end of the world? What does the Bible say about “end times”? Join Dr. Mark Braun to review “The Lord’s Word on the Last Things.”