The Retreat Goes Gourmet!

We are so excited to announce that Kevin is going to be our chef at the 2015 Retreat!

Executive Chef Kevin was born and raised in NYC, Kevin grew up exposed to a wide range of cuisines. As a young child his mother would take him to Chinatown to shop and compose family meals that would make an indelible mark in his heart and career. In 2001, Kevin enrolled at the Culinary Institute of America and prior to graduation worked with Chef Stephen Barber of Mecca in San Francisco. Honing his skills even further, Kevin was able to gain valuable experiences at Legal Seafoods in Boston and Nobu Next Door in NYC. Prior to joining the Skylark team, Kevin worked as a Sous Chef at Restaurant Associates and Harlow.

Get ready to enjoy some delicious food while we strengthen our faith! Make sure to register before July 4th to take advantage of the best rates.