This year, we're offering a little "extra incentive" for:

  • the church who brings the most people to the Retreat
  • the church who brings the highest percentage of people from their church to the Retreat
  • the person who can name the most new people by the end of the Retreat
  • the person who "furthest traveled" to the Retreat
  • the person who "earliest arrived" at the Retreat
  • the team who had the best time for the Retreat Amazing Race
  • Match the baby picture to the Pastor
  • the Youngest person at the Retreat
  • the Oldest person at the Retreat
  • Can you recite all the books of the Bible?

Win a new RETREAT T-SHIRT, enjoy a delicious pan of "Hope's Brownies," reign in a Glow-In-The-Dark camping chair, earn a gas card, sit in the Luxury Box, and more... even receive a huzzah in your honor!

So, what will it be? We'll see all the winners at the Retreat!